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Many of the wild and scenic spaces you may visit throughout your life require protection, preservation, and possible enhancements. Those just don’t appear. Keeping the natural places intact requires an organized effort in the form of monetary donations, tough conversations, and a great deal of sweat equity. 

As the Sawtooth Society strives to fulfill its mission declared more than 25 years ago, let’s explore the many ways you can help contribute to the Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA) this busy upcoming season. Help us preserve, protect, and enhance the SNRA!


Our Austin Kraal Memorial Volunteer Program honors a young man who loved the SNRA and often spoke of the peace and tranquility he experienced when visiting the area and his passion for its protection. 

In partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, this program has been made possible by donations from his family, friends, and others who support not only Austin’s legacy, but also feel compelled to fund important work being completed in the Idaho wilderness. It allows youth access to education and the opportunity to participate in this on-the-ground initiative. We are always looking for more people to join the growing number of volunteers who participate each year. Gather a group of friends and family and give back with a day working in the SNRA!


By becoming a friend of the Sawtooth Society your donations directly impact the SNRA by:

Addressing policy issues threatening the SNRA

Funding improvements, educational programs, and on-the-ground enhancements.

Your donations help in our efforts to keep these incredible resources and wildlands of the SNRA available for generations to come. 

Get your Goat Plate

Your purchase of an Idaho Goat License Plate supports a program that funds a wide variety of recreation and enhancement projects in the SNRA.

Each year, funds generated by the sale of these plates are granted by a local Sawtooth Society committee including both Board Directors and Stanley-Area locals unaffiliated with the Sawtooth Society. Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation then approves projects recommended by the committee. 

Sagebrush Soiree

Your presence at our annual Soiree fundraiser held every summer underlines your commitment to preserving the Sawtooth National Recreation Area and ensures the Society’s continued success in the stewardship of our incredible Idaho wilderness. Tickets will go on Sale June 1st to attend this year’s Soiree!

No matter how you decide to help we thank you for supporting the committed team of Society staff and volunteers who clear trails and roads every summer allowing access to the SNRA trails. Your contributions ensure the next generation of young stewards and protectors understand why public lands are worth protecting and preserving. 

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