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Land preservation is critical for maintaining the ecological balance, supporting biodiversity, and ensuring that natural and working landscapes are conserved for future generations. The Sawtooth Society plays a significant role in the preservation of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA), employing various strategies to preserve, protect, and enhance this unique environment.

Since 1997, the Sawtooth Society has been dedicated to preserving the SNRA through advocacy, enhancing recreational facilities, facilitating stewardship, and coordinating volunteer programs. During the late 90’s, the Society advocated successfully to stop inappropriate subdivision of land and helped secure $17 million in funding for scenic easements on private property within the SNRA, ensuring the stunning views remain protected in perpetuity. These easements are owned by the USFS and were purchased from landowners and many were designed with the purpose of aligning building envelopes away from view corridors.

The Sawtooth Wildland Fire Collaborative (SVWFC), under the Sawtooth Society’s support, plays a crucial role in mitigating wildfire risks in the Sawtooth Valley, advocating for fire mitigation and preparation. This initiative, responding to community concerns after major fire incidents, involves local and federal stakeholders in crafting and applying strategies to curtail the threat of large-scale wildfires, thereby protecting the community, preserving biodiversity, maintaining clean water sources, and upholding the scenic values of the SNRA for future generations.

The Society also administers recreational grants funded by the sale of special license plates (the goat plate).  Since 2000, over one million dollars of funds raised through sales of the iconic Idaho goat plate have been distributed to local organizations making possible over 240 recreation-specific enhancement projects within the SNRA​.

Additionally, the Sawtooth Society has voiced opposition to issues that threaten the area’s natural integrity. They also support the designation of the area as part of the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve, highlighting the importance of preserving natural night skies free from light pollution.

The preservation of land, especially in areas like the SNRA, is crucial for ensuring the sustainability of our natural environments. The Sawtooth Society’s efforts in protecting and enhancing the SNRA are fundamental in maintaining the area’s natural splendor, providing a sanctuary for wildlife, and offering a place for future generations to connect with nature.