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Arlen Crouch Receives the Champion of the Sawtooths Award at the 2024 Sagebrush Soirée

Arlen Crouch, owner of Redfish Lake Lodge, is set to receive the prestigious Champion of the Sawtooths award at the upcoming Sagebrush Soirée on July 18, 2024. This event, held at Pioneer Park in Stanley, Idaho, celebrates significant contributions to the preservation and enhancement of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA). Arlen’s stewardship at the lodge mirrors his broader commitment to the region, blending sustainable tourism practices with active conservation efforts.

Redfish Lake Lodge offers visitors a slice of Idaho’s natural splendor and educates them on the ecological and historical importance of the area, especially concerning the endangered sockeye salmon. These efforts reflect a genuine dedication to preserving the land’s beauty and biodiversity for future generations.

As the Presenting Sponsor of the 2024 Sagebrush Soirée, Redfish Lake Lodge is demonstrating its support for the Sawtooth Society’s mission. This sponsorship and Arlen’s forthcoming accolade underscore a shared commitment to conservation and community involvement, celebrating both the natural beauty of the SNRA and the people dedicated to its preservation.