This program allows a business, organization, or family to adopt a trail and perform annual trail maintenance and improvements. All trails require annual and sometimes bi-annual maintenance. There are 900 miles of trail in the SNRA and we can use your help to make sure the trails are in great shape. With the support of the Sawtooth Society, your group can become the guardians of a trail through a hands-on effort using traditional hand tools. Participants will receive a Forest Service placard to recognize your support. Additionally, the Sawtooth Society will recognize you on our website and during our annual fundraiser, the Sagebrush Soirée.

What is Expected?

The Adopt a Trail program is a long-term commitment to the care of one specific trail. You will recruit volunteers and choose a time to do your trail work each season. At a minimum, the trail guardians are expected to visit the trail once each year and perform trail maintenance, keeping in mind that some trails might require two visits depending on yearly conditions. Tasks include cutting and removing logs, removing debris from water drainages, and improving tread. The timeframe for completing this work can vary depending on the rate of snowmelt. Typically, projects should be completed between May and July to provide access for recreationists during peak season.

Adopt a Trail

Photo Credit: Brad Grohusky

How do we get Started?

The Sawtooth Society provides all tools, technical training, and safety supervision throughout the project. Trail length, difficulty, and tree density vary throughout the area, and choosing an appropriately challenging trail for your group is important for your continued success. To inquire about adopting a trail, please contact the Stewardship Coordinator, Dalton Warr at

Adopt a Trail