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Through the legacy of a planned gift, you will play a direct role in ensuring that the incredible
landscapes and beauty of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area continues well beyond our lifetimes.


There are many meaningful ways you can make a legacy gift to the Sawtooth Society. Please contact your tax advisor or attorney as you are developing your legacy gift plans to preserve and protect the Sawtooth National Recreation Area.

  • Include the Sawtooth Society in Your Will
    • You may allocate a specific amount or a percentage of your estate or other assets to the Sawtooth Society. You may state that after other beneficiaries have been provided for, the remaining funds shall go to the Sawtooth Society. The Sawtooth Society’s federal tax ID number is: 84-14219098
  • Make a Retirement Plan Designation
    • Choose the Sawtooth Society, Inc. as a beneficiary of your retirement plan. The gift, exempt from federal estate tax, is a way to maximize the benefit of your gift and minimize your taxes.
  • Create a Charitable Remainder Trust
    • A Charitable Remainder Trust is a tax-exempt trust that pays an annuity or a unitrust amount to your taxable designee for a fixed term or the life of the lead beneficiary. When the lead interest terminates, the remaining assets will be paid to the Sawtooth Society.
  • Create a Charitable Lead Trust
    • A Charitable Lead Trust is a tax-smart way to pass assets along to your heirs. Fund a trust that pays income to the Sawtooth Society for a period of time (such as your lifetime or a number of years). Then, at the end of the term, the remainder is returned to either you or your heirs.
  • Name the Sawtooth Society as a Beneficiary of Your Life Insurance Policy
    • There are many ways that you can use your life insurance policy to benefit both you, by maximizing your federal income tax deduction, and the Sawtooth Society. You can simply bequeath a specific amount or percentage of your life insurance policy to the Sawtooth Society.

*Potential legacy donors – making legacy gifts may involve complex legal and accounting matters. Therefore, the Society recommends that potential legacy donors consider consulting with their legal or accounting advisors before finalizing such gifts.

For more information about how you can make a legacy gift, you can fill out the form below or contact Kathryn Grohusky 208-721-1495 or