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Sagebrush Soirée

The 2023 Sagebrush Soirée was a success ~ Thank you!

Established in 1997, the Society’s mission is to preserve, protect and enhance the SNRA. Over the years, this mission has been fulfilled through advocacy, strengthening the SNRA’s recreation facilities and services, and facilitating stewardship and volunteer programs in the SNRA. Your generosity generates 60 percent of the annual revenue for the Society.

In 2022, the Sawtooth Society celebrated its 50th anniversary with over 190 people attending the Sagebrush Soiree. The event helped raise over $125,000 for a number of SNRA open space advocacy projects, enhancements of its recreational facilities and services, and protection of this incredible natural asset.

Enjoy the 2023 Sagebrush Soirée Recap

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