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A Night To Remember at the Galena Lodge

On March 6th, Galena Lodge opened its doors to the Sawtooth Society for a night of skiing and amazing food.

The evening started off with a cocktail hour where everyone gathered in the lodge to discuss the Sawtooth Society and warm up before the ski.

Among the crowd was the Sawtooth Society’s good friends Kevin and Debi Kraal.  It was the Kraals who came to the society with the idea of forming a volunteer group in honor of their son, Austin.  And it was their support and donations from their family and friends that kick-started the Austin Kraal Memorial Volunteer Program.  The program had its first successful summer in 2013 with 15 completed projects and almost 200 volunteers.

The Kraal’s presence was appropriate as this night also served to unveil the list of summer 2014 projects.  This list will be posted shortly on the Sawtooth Society website.

As the sun set, and the glow from the tiki torches that lined the ski trails became more pronounced, people hit the trails.  Though the Nordic trails were a bit icy after a day of abnormally warm weather, the intermittent starlight and firelight led skiers on around Senate Meadows loop.

Finally the lights from the Galena Lodge became more welcoming than those from the tiki torches and skiers came inside to eat. Over an incredible dinner comprised of primarily seasonal, local ingredients and gourmet flavor, groups talked of the environmental and political landscape of the SNRA.

The night ended with bread pudding and a sense of purpose. The evening was a perfect reminder of what we are protecting, preserving, and enhancing. And why.

A huge thanks to Galena Lodge for hosting this wonderful event!

Debi and Kevin Kraal enjoy good food and good conversation

Sawtooth Society ED Gary O’Malley, his wife Sari, SS member Debbie Reese and Sari’s sister Wendy relax after a big meal

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