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2014 Austin Kraal Memorial Volunteer Projects

Here is an early list of the projects scheduled for this summer.  For those projects that are missing specific dates, they will be coming soon.

Sawtooth Society | Austin Kraal Memorial | SNRA IdahoEarly – Mid May:

Chainsaw/cross cut saw/ training: For anyone interested in helping with trail clearing in the early season, this training is required.

Trail Maintenance training: For those looking to help work the trails throughout the summer, this training will give you a better understanding of what to do.


Pole Creek Fencing Building: Build wormwood fence.  Materials are already in place.  June 23rd – 25th

Range Monitoring Exclosure Cages: Use GPSs to get to 8 locations to build Exclosure Cages.  Material already in place. June 28th – 29th

Salmon River Weed Pull: Informative session on invasive weeds followed by a day eradicating weeds along the Salmon River.   Tentative date: June 26th.


Sawtooth Valley Allotment Fence Conversion: Replace all woven wire with a more passable fence for wildlife passage.  July 20th – 22nd

Salmon River Weed Pull: Second weed pull in mid-July to ensure that all those weeds that weren’t up yet in June are pulled. Tentative date: July 23rd – 24th

Trailhead Sign Installation and Maintenance: Late July or August.

August – October:

Dispersed site cleanup: Removing trace of out-of-place campsites. August 1st – 3rd OR SCHEDULE WITH KELLY CONDE

Sawtooth Fence Inventory: use GPSs to locate fences and record their condition.  ANYTIME – SCHEDULE WITH KELLY CONDE

Small tree management/removal: Use loppers and handsaws to remove trees from designated areas including roadsides and previous conifer encroachment project areas.

Redfish Lake Dispersed Site Cleanup: Same a general site cleanup.  May rent boats to access all areas around Redfish Lake.  Late September

Riparian Restoration Planting/Seeding: Plant various water-loving plants along the riparian zone in the Pole Creek and Beaver Creek areas. Late September/Early October.

Throughout the summer:

Regular trail maintenance days: Bi-weekly trail maintenance days throughout the summer. The first one will be June 28th.  These days will be dedicated to cleaning up the trails we so love to wander.

Keepin it Wild In the Sawtooths: For frequent backcountry wanderers.  We are asking for people to lend a hand in keeping the wilderness clean.  We will have “keepin’ it wild” kits with everything one needs to clean up the backcountry.

Adopt-a-trail:  We ask for a long-term commitment when adopting a trail. The group returns for multiple summers and are essentially responsible for up keep of the adopted trail.  Its a great thing to hang your hat on and there are options for adopting loops and making it into a multi-day backpacking experience.

For inquiries or to sign up for a project, please email Dalton Warr at or (208) 994-1654.

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