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Help fund Matt Leidecker’s newest project: Exploring the White Clouds.

Sawtooth Society | White Clouds | SNRA IdahoThe Sawtooth Society friend Matt Leidecker, who is a professional photographer and the author of several guidebooks including Exploring Sun Valley and Exploring the Sawtooths, is ready to start a new project.  Leidecker is looking to write the third installment to his “Exploring” series entitled Exploring the White Clouds.

Like the books before it, this will be a waterproof, heavily map-based, comprehensive guidebook. In addition to extensive descriptions of trails in the White Clouds and the region to the East of the mountains, the book will have off-trail scrambling and climbing routes, and history, geology, and wildflowers of the region.

In order to get this project off the ground, Leidecker is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds.

“Tackling the White Clouds will require a full-time commitment to cover the necessary trail miles for GPS, photographic and first-hand documentation,” Leidecker said in his Kickstarter film, “I’m reaching out to my supporters to ask for help to fund the research phase during the summer of 2014.”

Campaign contributors will receive rewards based on their level of donation.  These include regular “eye candy” photos of the White Clouds, behind-the-scene updates, White Cloud t-shirts, and printed, framed photos. Assuming the campaign is successful, Leidecker plans to have the guidebook completed and published by the summer of 2015.

To help get Exploring the White Clouds on the page and on the shelves, click on the link below and donate to Leidecker’s campaign!

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