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Skiers from Stanley, the Wood River Valley, and Boise gathered at the Park Creek ski trails on Saturday, February 14th for the 2nd annual Sawtooth Ski Clinic. The day started off cold, clear and busy with 15 participants in the beginner session.

Ketchum VAMPS instructor Ej Harpham proved her expertise by taking all 15 skill levels and creating an incredible lesson. By the end, all participants, from those who had never been on skis before to those who had been skate skiing for years, had honed their skate skiing technique and walked away with tips to keep improving.

As the sun grew warmer and the trails softer, the intermediate group showed up for an afternoon session with Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation director Rick Kapala. Like in the morning, the afternoon session drew an impressive crowd. 16 people from the Wood River Valley, Boise, and primarily Stanley came out to get some skate skiing tips.

Kapala not only improved the skate skiing of half of those living in Stanley, but he was also willing to go far over the two-hour lesson just because he “loves instructing”. The enthusiasm of the instructor and skier made for a great afternoon.

As the sunset, skiers gathered at the Sluice for a much-earned bowl of chili and discounted beers. Though some were a little crispy from the day in the sun, the food, drink, and company made for a satisfying end to a wonderful day.

The Sawtooth Society would like to extend a huge thank you to Backwoods Mountain Sports for the ski rentals, the sluice for the delicious food and drink, Thad Geerheim for the excellent groomed trails, Ej Harpham for the great beginner lesson, and Rick Kapala for an amazing intermediate lesson.

Your time and effort to help make the Sawtooth National Recreation Area an exciting destination is very much appreciated.

EJ Harpham show em how it’s done.

Skiers plus dog.  Must be in Stanley!