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Explore the rich wildlife diversity within Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA), where nature’s intricate tapestry thrives. Amidst towering trees and meandering streams, encounter a diverse array of wildlife species crucial to the delicate balance of this ecosystem.

As you traverse SNRA’s lush forests, marvel at the majestic elk, symbolizing untamed beauty. Listen for the haunting bugle of a bull elk, connecting you to nature’s primal rhythms. Spot elusive black bears foraging among dense undergrowth, a testament to wildness and adaptability.

Follow winding streams to witness the iconic sockeye salmon and soaring bald eagles, showcasing nature’s interconnectedness. Appreciate the web of life sustaining this vibrant ecosystem, from insects to predators. Protecting these habitats ensures future generations can experience SNRA’s wildlife wonders.

Immerse yourself in SNRA’s wildlife diversity, preserve, protect, and enhance this precious ecosystem for generations. Explore the wonders of SNRA’s protected habitats and witness the awe-inspiring diversity of wildlife thriving within its borders.