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A message from Orval Hansen

The naming of Point Beach on Redfish Lake in my honor came as a total surprise to June and me. The presence of June and our seven children made it even more special. June had swims near that beach on most days during our summer visits to Stanley. It was also the place I began and ended my five mile runs on those days. It was noted appropriately that we are observing the fortieth anniversary of the creation of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area in which I played a part. The four lawmakers who were responsible for the passage of the legislation were present for the dedication at Redfish in September 1972. Although I was honored by the naming of the beach, most of the credit belongs to my associates in that endeavor. The initial inspiration came from Frank Church who worked tirelessly over the years to develop a proposal that would attract broad support. Len Jordan understood the needs of resource users whose support was key to Senate passage. Jim McClure’s exceptional legislative skills were essential to House action on the bill. I helped to initiate House consideration by introducing the bill that ultimately passed both houses and was signed into law by the president. Others in the Congress and the administration, particularly the Forest Service, helped to assure the funding needed to acquire scenic easements and to otherwise successfully launch the SNRA. We are told that “Success has a thousand fathers.” It was a privilege for me to be among them.

Left to right: Sawtooth Society Director Jim Lyons, Orval and June Hansen, and Regional Forester Harv Forsgren

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