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Point Beach at Redfish Lake was renamed Orval Hansen Point Beach to honor former U.S. Congressman Orval Hansen

On Saturday, July 28, 2012, Point Beach at Redfish Lake was renamed Orval Hansen Point Beach to honor former U.S. Congressman Orval Hansen for his commitment to create the Sawtooth National Recreation Area and his long-standing leadership on its behalf.  The ceremony honoring Orval was attended by the former Congressman, members of his family, friends and officials from the Forest Service and the Sawtooth Society.
In 1972, Hansen, former U.S. Congressman for Idaho’s Second District, worked closely with then U.S. Senator Frank Church and Idaho’s other Congressman, Jim McClure, in developing and introducing legislation that created the Sawtooth National Recreation Area.  Together with Church and McClure, Hansen successfully shepherded the legislation through Congress, forestalling threatened intensive development of the area and protecting the bulk of its unique scenic and natural qualities in perpetuity.
In making the announcement, Regional Forester, Harv Forsgren, noted that it is quite fitting to honor Hansen by placing his name on the Redfish Lake beach he so loves.  “Were it not for the efforts of Orval and others like him, this place we call the Sawtooth National Recreation Area would be very different today, having lost much of its wild nature, pastoral character and pioneer heritage.  We all owe a great debt of gratitude to him and his Congressional colleagues for helping keep this magnificent area open, wild and available to the public.”
Paul Hill, President of the Sawtooth Society, observed that “Orval has been intimately involved in protecting the Sawtooth National Recreation Area since its creation in 1972, through his work as a founding Board member of the Sawtooth Society and his continuing service on the Society Board even today.  He has been and remains a true champion of this special place and the action today is a fitting recognition of his work on behalf of all Idaho’s citizens.”

Left to right: Sawtooth NRA Area Ranger Joby Timm, Orval and June Hansen, Sawtooth NF Supervisor Becky Nourse, and Regional Forester Harv Forsgren

Left to right: Sawtooth Society Executive Director Gary O’Malley, Sawtooth Society Board Member Jim Lyons, Regional Forester Harv Forsgren, Orval and June Hansen

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