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Austin Kraal Volunteer Program — In The News!

I would like to extend a special “thank you” to the seven people who volunteered to perform trail work on Hell Roaring Trail on Saturday, Sept 14. These seven people went above and beyond the call of duty. They worked nine-plus hours clearing fallen trees and cleaning out trail drains. They even did a loop around Hell Roaring Lake to disperse and naturalize illegal campfire rings.
I’m impressed and humbled by people who are willing to invest their free time in volunteer work. The volunteer work of these seven people directly benefited the Sawtooth Wilderness: Their work clearing drains will prevent erosion on the trail. Clearing trees will prevent resource damage that occurs when people walk around fallen trees. And, cleaning up and naturalizing campsites helped return some of the wild character that we expect in the Sawtooth Wilderness.
For their work and generosity with their time, I am grateful. I sincerely hope that this spirit of stewardship and camaraderie continues to grow in the communities surrounding these beautiful public lands that we are so lucky to have in our backyard.
I’d especially like to thank Paul Holle of the Sawtooth Brewery.  At the end of the day, Paul rewarded each volunteer with a growler of beer, a stein and a T-shirt. What a treat at the end of a long work day! It really felt like everyone won.  And best of all, so did the Sawtooth Wilderness.
I would also like to give a shout out to Don, who told me that our hike was the farthest he’d hiked in that last two years. He was a trooper and a fun addition to the crew.
Katy Nelson
Wilderness ranger
Sawtooth National Recreation Area

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