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Trends and acronyms come and go. And the latest -GOAT (Greatest Of All Time), is just too relatable not to mention- at least in our case. Here at the Sawtooth Society, our unofficial mascot is the mountain goat. One of the more spectacular creatures to inhabit the Idaho Sawtooth Mountains. The goat on the Goat Plate is named Sawyer, after the brave women and men who maintain trails and fight fires…their professionalism as sawyers wielding crosscuts and chainsaws preserves trail access and protects us from fire. And yes, we might say they and Sawyer, are the greatest of all time. The goat is the GOAT. We digress…

When it comes to Idaho license plates to choose from, there are so many available. It can be overwhelming when you see all of them lining the wall at your local DMV. You may just think- forget it, just give me the usual boring county plate.

But why not choose one of these fabulous mountain goat plates instead? Your purchase of an Idaho goat license plate supports programs that fund a wide variety of recreation and enhancement projects in the SNRA. And right now, your donation is more important than ever.

100% of your goat plate purchase goes towards subsidized projects chosen by a local committee and then approved by the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation.

So what do you say? Want to have the greatest license plate of all time? Go for the GOAT Goat Plate! Click here to complete and submit your Idaho license plate order.

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