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We think… one day I will be retired and have time to volunteer. One day I will find something I’m really passionate about and volunteer to help. 

Can you find your one day to give one day? 

Granted, most organizations would love your help more than just one day. And some only have seasonal opportunities. But what if we all gave just one day? How much good can we all do by giving up 24 hours to an organization in need of boots-on-the-ground, result-driven individuals?

Are you passionate about the Idaho wilderness? Do you love working outdoors? Does the thought of our trails not being maintained and our beloved SNRA accumulating garbage strike a nerve? 

The Sawtooth Society invites you to find a project that you can give your time to. Choose from this year’s volunteer opportunities at Sawtooth Society 2021 volunteer ops. You can also complete a volunteer sign-up form at Sawtooth Society volunteer form.

The Sawtooth Society would like nothing more than to have you join them. There are 365 days in one year. We are talking about -Just. One. Day. You can do this!

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