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Memorial Day has already come and gone, and with it, we usher in a new season of recreationists dusting off their hiking shoes, tents, and backpacks. Tuning up bikes and gathering climbing gear. Visitors to the Idaho Sawtooths will once again be clamoring to reach their favorite destinations- and possibly even discover new locations within these Idaho mountains. 

We think of the outdoors as being free to all of us. And most of it is -if not on private land, or a small amount paid for a campsite. There’s no entrance fee, no parking pass required. It’s assumed you know the rules to follow, and the etiquette you are expected to graciously embrace. Other than that, the more than 750,000 remote acres of the SNRA is your playground. 

What you rarely see are the individuals who volunteer to make this area even more enjoyable. Clearing trails, removing trash and other materials hazardous to wildlife and our environment. Volunteers hard at work so we can enjoy the pristine Idaho outdoors we so often take for granted. And yes, we cannot forget to mention the crucial donation dollars received to protect it. 

While it’s easy to overlook what it takes, perhaps you can look inward and ask – “What can I give back this season?” Do you have a few hours you can help clear trails? Can you grab a few friends and make a day of it? 

And while the amount of visitors continues to increase each year, sadly the donations have not. Can you give -even a small amount, to help keep the area you love protected? Fellow recreationists, this is free. What’s that worth to you? 

Please consider a donation to the Sawtooth Society at Sawtooth Society donations or learn how to volunteer at Sawtooth Society volunteers.

Your Sawtooth Society donations 

  • Protect open space against development
  • Addresses policy issues that threaten the SNRA
  • Fund trail improvements, education programs, and on-the-ground enhancement efforts
  • Organizes volunteers to complete important restoration and recreational projects

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