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The Sawtooths saw another busy season at popular SNRA sites as a result of Covid-19 again this year. Human use and dry conditions also brought about the anticipated fire season necessitating campground evacuations and closures in many areas. 

Fall recreating

Here is an update on closures and guidelines for those planning on recreating into the fall months. Hunters are quite active this time of year. Make your presence known. Wear brightly colored clothing. Keep Fido on a leash, and make sure they are also wearing bells or a brightly colored bandana. 

Fall hiking is at its best in the Sawtooths this time of year.

Dress in layers and take the usual precautions you do with normal hiking. Remember the days are shorter so plan your trips accordingly. For the latest SNRA trail report visit:

Hiking Trail Closures

Johnson’s Creek trail is closed due to the Jake Gulch fire – read more at and Map: 

Prescribed Burns

For information about prescribed burns scheduled in the Sawtooth SNRA visit: Sawtooth National Forest – News & Events

A reminder to recreationists – beginning Oct. 1, 2021, a number of roads on the Fairfield Ranger District will close to motorized travel. These closures happen every year and provide improved security for big game during the hunting season. No new road closures are proposed. Annual road closures include portions of the following road systems: Marsh Creek, Worswick, Williams/Rosetta, Paradise, Skunk Creek, OP/Fletcher, end of Salt Bowns, and specific roads connected to the Grouse Creek Road. Refer to the Sawtooth Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) for details.