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Idaho’s boom

With the uptick in population to our state  (53,000 more from 2020-2021) comes an increase in automobiles. One way the Sawtooth Society can benefit from this increase is through your purchase of an SNRA Goat plate. 

Proceeds are applied to a variety of SNRA projects. 100% of the generated funds are allocated and chosen by a local committee and approved by the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation. The maintenance and upgrades to outdoor recreation facilities have never been more critical.  More than 10 project areas need improvements within the 756,000-acre SNRA every year.  

Putting your money to work

In 2021 Goat plate purchases went to the rerouting of the North Fork trail, volunteer meals for trail project work, ambulance funding, Dark Sky reserve signage, avalanche forecast sponsorship, and parking lot development -to name just a few. 

Want to make a difference?

Every trail used this summer, the camping facilities, bridges, restrooms, parking areas, boat docks, and other facilities within the SNRA can and will benefit from the purchase of a simple Sawtooth Society Goat Plate. You really can make a difference to many projects within this beautiful Idaho wilderness. 

Learn more at Goat Plate and get the ITD form here: SNRA Goat plate order form

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