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Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season so far. I thought I would drop by the blog and give you all an update on how we Rocky Mountain goats here in the Sawtooths are doing. I live with my herd in the Boulder Mountains of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area far above what you may know as Billy’s Bridge on Highway 75 in Central Idaho. The white blanket of snow up here surrounding our herd is a relief given the threat of the Ross Fork fire. Those flames and the smoke were a little too close for comfort!  

Our Needs

Many people like you love the SNRA and live here or visit each summer. My herd’s habitat needs to be improved by removing noxious weeds and replanting trees. The threat of large wildfires will never go away. To survive, my herd and I need well-preserved open spaces here in the alpine high country. We need our home protected forever from development, overuse, and huge wildfires. In some places, we need our habitat improved so we can stay healthy. 

Join Us!

With your help, the Sawtooth Society can educate both residents and visitors about what to do here to protect and preserve the spirit of this place. Work with me, and the Sawtooth Society so my herd and I can live here, protected and surrounded by healthy grazing and safe places to live. Join the herd at the Sawtooth Society by donating at 

Some fun facts about my herd:

  • Both males and females have sharp, pointed horns that range from 9 to 12 inches.
  • We can jump 12 feet in one leap.
  • We are the largest mammal in high altitude environments.
  • Our white coat has a double layer that sheds in the summer and provides warmth in the winter.
  • Males are called billies. Females are called nannies. Babies are called kids.

Your friend,


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