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Nestled in Idaho’s breathtaking Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Redfish Lake Lodge offers a glimpse into the raw beauty of wilderness, named in homage to the endangered sockeye salmon. Managed with care by the Crouch family, the lodge maintains its historical allure.

Arlen Crouch, the Lodge’s owner and a dedicated member of the Sawtooth Society, is set to be honored with the Champion of the Sawtooths Award at the upcoming Sagebrush Soiree on July 18, 2024, in Stanley’s Pioneer Park. This recognition celebrates his contribution to preserving the Sawtooth National Recreation Area.

Conservation Efforts by the Crouch Family

Under the stewardship of Arlen and Derrel Crouch, along with Jeff and Audra Clegg, the lodge’s legacy intertwines with efforts to preserve the natural landscape and protect local wildlife. Their commitment stretches from supporting restoration projects to engaging in local conservation initiatives, reflecting a real dedication to the environment.

Practical Sustainability at the Lodge

The lodge’s operations aim for sustainability, focusing on realistic and achievable practices like reducing waste, sourcing locally, and encouraging responsible interaction with nature. These efforts support both the local economy and the broader ecological system, reflecting a balanced approach to tourism and conservation.

Educational and Supportive Roles in Conservation

Redfish Lake Lodge in partnership with the Sawtooth Interpretive Historical Association (SIHA) and the U.S. Forest Service Visitor’s Center offers guests educational opportunities, sharing the importance of the area’s ecology and history. The lodge’s iconic fish logo and their location at Redfish Lake, which is named after the endangered sockeye salmon, gives Redfish Lodge the opportunity to connect guests from across the world to the story of the Sockeye…and the importance of protecting them. The Lodge’s support extends to organizations like the Sawtooth Society and other local and regional conservation organizations, contributing to conservation and educational efforts.

Redfish Lake and Sockeye Salmon: A Connected Story

Redfish Lake’s narrative is tightly linked with the sockeye salmon, whose challenging migration route from the Pacific to high in Idaho’s mountains, underscores the need for conservation. As custodians of this special place, the Crouch family’s efforts ensure Redfish Lake Lodge remains a sanctuary where visitors can experience the untouched beauty of the Sawtooth Mountains and by experiencing nature at its finest, learn how they can contribute to the preservation and protection of the Sawtooths and its iconic species.