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The Sawtooth Society’s Collaborative Ventures with SPUR Community Foundation.

The Sawtooth Society, an organization dedicated to preserving, protecting, and enhancing the Sawtooth National Recreation Area (SNRA), has been instrumental in advocating for the natural beauty and recreational facilities of this majestic 756,000-acre area. Through the years, the society has played a pivotal role in various projects, such as the Stanley to Redfish Trail, a non-motorized pathway that promotes community and outdoor exploration. The trail’s completion is a testament to the society’s commitment to collaborative efforts and enhancing local recreational amenities.

In addition to advocacy, the Sawtooth Society has made significant strides in environmental conservation. The society is deeply involved in the Sawtooth Valley Wildland Fire Collaborative, hand planting trees for reforestation efforts, and stewardship projects to maintain the ecological integrity of the SNRA

The society also offers recreational grants funded by the sales of special Idaho motor vehicle license plates, which support the maintenance and improvement of recreational facilities within the SNRA. These grants have funded a wide range of projects, from trail maintenance to educational programs, enhancing the accessibility and enjoyment of the area for residents and visitors alike.

Funding from the SPUR Community Foundation aligns with the Sawtooth Society’s mission by enhancing their capacity to provide Wildfire mitigation, Preparedness, and Planning efforts in the Sawtooth Valley. This partnership highlights a shared commitment to community involvement in protecting Idaho’s scenic landscapes.